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Arizona State Personnel Board Members

The Arizona State Personnel Board consists of five members appointed by the governor pursuant to section 38-211. No more than three members shall belong to the same political party. Persons eligible for appointment shall have had a continuous recorded registration pursuant to title 16, chapter 1 with either the same political party or as an independent for at least two years immediately preceding appointment. Of the members appointed one shall be a person who for more than five years has managed a component or unit of government or industry with more than twenty employees, one shall be a professional personnel administrator, one a state employee, one a person active in business management and one a member of the public. Members may be removed by the governor for cause. The term of office for each member is three years, each term to expire three years from the date of appointment.  On the expiration of the term of a member a successor shall be appointed for a full term of three years.

Board Members


Public Member
Jeanine Inman Headshot

Jeanine Inman, Vice Chair

State Employee
Jason Dudek Headshot

Jason Dudek

Active in Business Management
Mark Ziska Headshot

Mark Ziska, Chair

Professional Personnel Administrator


Manager of a Unit of Govt. or Industry